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Plea Before AG Seeks Contempt Action Against Yati Narsinghanand Over Remarks Against Supreme Court

Srishti Ojha
14 Jan 2022 11:56 AM GMT
Plea Before AG Seeks Contempt Action Against Yati Narsinghanand Over Remarks Against Supreme Court

An activist has written to the Attorney General for India seeking consent to initiate contempt proceedings against the 'Dharam Sansad' leader Yati Narsinghanand over his recent 'derogatory remarks' against the Constitution and the Supreme Court of India.

The letter of Shachi Nelli addressed to the AG has stated that in an interview given to Vishal Singh that went viral on the social media platform Twitter on the 14th of January, Yati Narsinghanand - who has been making headlines because of his anti-Muslims hate speeches - has gone on to make his contempt for the apex court and the Constitution of India clear.

The letter has pointed out the entire quote and context for this statement as follows: On being asked about the court proceedings in the Haridwar Hate Speech case, Yati Narshinghanand went on to state that "We have no trust in the Supreme Court of India and the Constitution. The Constitution will consume the 100 crore Hindus of this country. Those who believe in this Constitution will be killed. Those who believe in this system, in these politicians, in the Supreme Court, and in the Army will all die the death of a dog."

Further, the letter has referred to another clip from the same conversation, where Yati Narsinghanand when asked about the arrest made by the police in the case, said that "When Jitendra Singh Tyagi went by the name Wasim Rizvi and wrote his book, not a single policeman, not one of these "hijde' policeman or politician had the courage to arrest him."

According to the letter, the comments made by Yati Narsinghanand are trying to undermine the majesty of the institution and the authority vested in the Supreme Court of India, and is a vile and clear attempt at interfering in the course of justice by means of abusive rhetoric and baseless attacks on the integrity of the Constitution and the Courts.

"Any such attempt to harm the majesty of the institution and diminish the faith that citizens of India have in the Court can result in complete chaos and anarchy. This is perhaps the most vicious attack on the Supreme Court in its history", the letter states

It has been further stated that to permit these remarks to pass unaddressed will be to allow this attempt of lowering the authority of the apex court to succeed, if not wholly then in considerable measure.

"The Supreme Court of India is the first interpreter and the guardian of the Constitution of India. It is appalling to see the lack of faith and sheer contempt being expressed towards the fundamental frameworks of this country. The intent to undermine the Court and its capacity to dispense justice is evident", the letter states.

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