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Handbook On Mediation By Nandini Gore, Senior Partner At Karanjawala & Co

12 Feb 2021 4:16 AM GMT
Handbook On Mediation By Nandini Gore, Senior Partner At Karanjawala & Co

"Nandini Gore's well-crafted HANDBOOK (Containing nine-precise and easy to read Chapters) will facilitate a person endowed with a modicum of common sense and wisdom (along with some elementary knowledge of law!) to acquire the requisite skills necessary for conducting a successful mediation", asserts Mr. Fali S. Nariman, Senior Advocate about the Handbook on Mediation by Nandini Gore.

When we all were tuck in the lockdown and were whining about various situations and decisions that we could have taken to safeguard ourselves in that situation, people in large number knocked the doors of the judiciary which eventually gave rise to paramount amount of courtroom proceedings. To educate people and increase the awareness about a crucial aspect of Law, Ms. Nandini Gore articulated a handbook on one of the best and need of the hour topic 'MEDIATION' under the name of "HANDBOOK ON MEDIATION BY NANDINI GORE". Mediation as an Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanism in India is at the cusp of wide acceptability. As we see a historic paradigm shift in how Mediation plays a role in Resolution of Complex Disputes, the Author has endeavoured to give the readers a One in All treatise on Mediation in India.

This book gives an insight about the inherent flexibility of mediation process in a simplified version, providing the readers the basic concept of mediation and about relevant international treaties. With the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic and consequential worldwide commercial destruction, it is more important than ever to try and resolve disputes by mediation and more specifically learning about online mediations.

The author, Ms. Nandini Gore, is a senior Mediator accredited by the Supreme Court of India and is trained in Civil, Commercial, Industrial and Matrimonial Mediation. She is an Advocate on Record at the Supreme Court of India, she holds a Master's Degree in Law and is Vice President of Mediators India, she is ranked by Benchmark's litigation Asia Pacific among top 100 Women Litigators. She is known for her pragmatism in the field of litigation and Mediation, and is a Fellow of International Academy of Mediator. Ms. Gore is serving as a Senior Partner in one of the leading Litigation Firm of India, Karanjawala & Co.

Various renowned members of the legal fraternity appreciated the book and recommended the concept of Mediation as a pressing priority.

"A very hardworking, sincere and well-meaning human being", says Mukul Rohatgi, Senior Advocate, Former Attorney General for India, about the author, and is quite certain that this book will be a necessary addition in the library of every legal practitioner including the library of all courts.

The Queen's Counsel, Harish Salve, opined that "In this bleak scenario, a book on structured mediations fills in an important space in legal literature, and Mrs. Gore with a decade-plus of experience in the field has done a wonderful job in writing up a treatise on the principles and practices of mediation. I wish the book all the best".

Mr. Raian Karanjawala, Managing Partner of Karanjawala & Co. delightfully endorses the book and appreciates how the Senior Partner of the Firm utilized the time made available during the lockdown to write a 'Handbook on Mediation'.

Mr. Karanjawala further adds that "Nandini in writing this "Handbook on Mediation" has focused on one of the most talked about and debated legal subjects of the day, and I have no doubt that it will make both interesting and useful reading not only to the practising lawyer or the eager law student, but also to the interested litigant, who wishes to apprise himself of the various avenues of Dispute Resolution available".

Dr. AM Singhvi, Senior Advocate, refers "Mediation as a teenager, who is fast reaching full maturity, with an identity, momentum, content and direction all its own". Dr. Singhvi states that "With private, public and court-annexed Mediation centres mushrooming across India, Nandini Gore, whose Persona Spontaneously exemplifies the essential qualities of a mediator-calm, unhurried, listening, absorbing, friendly and very competent- has added to that momentum with a timely, handholding book, which would be an asset to the layman and the practitioner alike".

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