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CCRI, HRLN's: International Law Lecture Series

Aseer Jamal
6 Feb 2021 4:08 AM GMT
CCRI, HRLNs: International Law Lecture Series

Centre for Constitutional Rights (CCRI), Delhi runs courses throughout India in remote rural areas where access to high quality legal and human rights education is hard to find, as well as in the metro cities. CCRI specialises in public interest law, social activism, and access to justice. it brings theory, practice, and law together into an integrated and multidisciplinary program.

CCRI offers a radical and comprehensive curriculum from the perspective of defending poor and marginalized people. Their courses are designed and built around the specific issues and concerns of the time and place in which they are delivered. This is done to enable people to respond immediately to critical situations by providing training to local lawyers and activists on how to use the law to combat injustice."


  • Lecture on "Case about the right to running water and electricity as a part of human rights (dignified existence)" by Ms. Maskit Bendel on 10th February 2021
  • Lecture on "Internet shutdown, facial recognition, backdoor ongoing litigation cases in Russia" by Mr. Damir Gainutdinov on 12th February 2021.
  • Lecture on "Indigenous rights" by Mr. Diego Morales and Ms. Erika Schimdhuber Pena on 17th February, 2021.
  • Lecture on "The Right to health of undocumented migrants in the Colombian Constitutional Court" by Ms. Lucia Ramirez on 23rd February 2021.
  • Lecture on "Magyar Jeti v Hungary: Freedom of Expression" by Mr. Mate Szabo on 25th February 2021.

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